About us

The 93rd Entry came together in September 1959. A group of 183 young men, most of them never having left home until then, travelled from all over the country and in some cases further afield to take up training in various electronic trades. The majority of the entry were to become Air Radio Fitters with some smaller groups of Ground Wireless and Ground Radar technicians. Some passed out with officer commisions.


 It was quite an  experience for many as this was the first day of the next three years of intensive training in the field of electronics. Everything was polite and very friendly until pen met the "sign on" dotted line.


Even before the ink was dry it was all round instant haircuts, immediate basic kit issue in the form of denims before foming into the class groups to be allocated our sleeping quarters for the next year. From that moment on life was an intensive session of polish, kit layout, cleaning and working parades.


We were all instructed in the art of kit layout, kit cleaning and bed pack making with the knowledge that these would be inspected at some ungodly hour the next morning. Much work was carried out only to be reduced to nothing when the senior entry at that time visited us at about midnight in order to thow everyone out of bed and generally make a mess of whatever had been accomplished the night before.


Despite initial hardships things soon settled down to daily routines. Numbers reduced when some realised this life was not for them. However it did not take long for those remaining to quickly form the bond known as the 93rd Entry.